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The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association invites you to attend the Evangelism Summit in Düsseldorf. Please encourage other church leaders and associates to register as soon as possible if they have not already done so.

City & Date

Düsseldorf – Maritim Hotel

September 30th – October 1st 2022

Maritim-Platz 1, 40474 Düsseldorf (by the airport)


Friday, 30.09.2022


Saturday, 1.10.2022



Ulrich Parzany - Evangelist + -

Born in 1941, Ulrich Parzany lives with his wife Regine in Kassel and has three children and five grandchildren. The native of Essen came to faith through the work of Rev. Wilhelm Busch and studied theology from 1960 to 1964.

After his vicariate in Jerusalem (1964 - 1965) he became youth pastor in Essen (1967 - 1984). During this time the youth festival "Christival" was developed, in which Parzany was significantly involved. From 1984 to 2005 he led the CVJM, and was also a member of the main board of the Evangelical Alliance (1987 to 2005).

In 1991, Parzany became chairman of the national committee for "ProChrist '93" with Billy Graham and subsequently served as director and evangelist of ProChrist until 2013.

He also led the Lausanne Movement Germany from 2002 to 2005. Parzany, who is considered one of the leading figures in evangelism in Germany, founded 2016 the Network “Bibel und Bekenntnis” of which he is still chairman to this day.


Dr.theol. Heinrich Christian Rust + -

Dr. Heinrich Christian Rust was born in 1953 in Braunschweig and studied in Hamburg and Leuven (Belgium). He was active for 40 years as a pastor in the Federation of Evangelical Free Churches (BEFG). As a pastor, he was able to experience and accompany a revivalist awakening twice in Hanover and Braunschweig. As a speaker for missionary church building, author of numerous books, conference speaker, and coach, he is active beyond the borders of the BEFG in Germany and abroad. He is a lecturer for cybernetics, church development, spirituality and basics of theology at various theological training centers. He is committed to Christian unity, among other things, in the Christian Convent Germany. 


Pastor Friedhelm Holthuis + -

Pastor Friedhelm Holthuis was born in 1971. He is married, has three children and is senior pastor of the Credo Church Wuppertal.

He began preaching at the age of 17 and put his gift into the ministry of a new church in Weener (East Frisia), which produced as a mother church twelve daughter churches. He is also the author of two books. One of Friedhelm Holthuis' heart´s desire is the relevant, multiplying church. He is active as a speaker in Germany and abroad.

Markus Rode + -

Markus Rode is married and has two children. He studied economics and graduated with a degree in business administration. After that, he spent several years in management positions in industry and most recently as a marketing and product development director in a European corporate group.

Markus Rode has been the leader of Open Doors Germany since 2003. Open Doors is an interdenominational Christian aid organization that works in more than 70 countries to help and support Christians who are persecuted and discriminated against because of their faith. Open Doors provides the persecuted Christian community worldwide with Bibles and Christian literature. They offer help for self-help, train Christian leaders, provide emergency aid and accompany traumatized Christians.

In countries where Christians can still profess their faith freely, Open Doors is a voice of all persecuted Christians who ask their brothers and sisters in faith for prayer to stand firm in their faith and proclaim the Gospel boldly in the face of extreme persecution.

The ministry was founded by Brother Andrew, "God's smuggler," in Warsaw in 1955 when he received the calling from God in Revelation 3:2 to strengthen the part of the Body of Christ that was in danger of dying off. 

Dr. Roland Werner + -

Dr. Roland Werner is a German author, Bible translator, evangelist and professor of theology. With his wife Elke, herself an author and evangelist, he resides in the medieval University town of Marburg. Together with friends, they founded Christus-Treff, a church amongst University students in Marburg in the 1980ies, which has grown and has planted other congregations and ministries in Marburg, Berlin and Jerusalem.

Roland holds a PhD in African and Semitic languages and a PhD in theology, both from Marburg University. His passion is to encourage and mentor younger leaders to discover and develop their calling in serving Jesus Christ. Roland has spoken evangelistically in universities around Europe and has ministered in many countries, with a focus on Europe and North East Africa.

Presently, he is chairman of proChrist and the German branch of the international Lausanne movement for world evangelism. Through the Zinzendorf-Institute in Marburg he endeavors to strengthen trust in the historic Christian faith and the trustworthiness of the Bible as the Word of God, through which we see Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and learn to love, trust, obey and worship Him.


Dr. Heinrich Derksen + -

Dr. Heinrich Derksen (born 1970) has been married to Rita for 31 years and has five children between the ages of 15 and 30. After graduating from high school, he studied theology at the Freien Theologischen Akademie in Giessen (Free Theological Academy Giessen). He then received a Master of Theology degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA). He received his PhD from the Free University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) in December 2015.

In 1995 he began working as a lecturer at the Bibelseminar Bonn and has been on the school board since 2000. Today he is the principal and chairman of the board of Bibelseminar Bonn.

Dr. Derksen has been pastor of the Free Evangelical Church of Cologne since 1996. In addition, he works voluntarily on the board of the Federation of Evangelical Free Churches and is a member of the main board of the Evangelical Alliance in Germany. He is the leader of the Forum of Evangelical Free Churches and also 2nd chairman of the Konferenz bibeltreuer Ausbildungsstätten (Conference of Bible-Believing Training Institutes), as well as a member of various associations such as Idea, ERF and Samaritan`s Purse in Germany. In addition, he is internationally networked and connected with many churches and ministries.

He has published several articles and contributed to various publications. His main focus is practical theology. Currently, he is engaged in the topic of digitalization of Christian churches. He is known as a speaker, Bible teacher and preacher in many churches in Germany and internationally.



Pastor Svenja Gerasch + -

Svenja Gerasch is 34 years-old. She is a follower of Jesus, a twin, a mom, a wife, a friend, a theologian, a pastor, a pastor's daughter, a pastor's sister, a pastor's wife, a family manager, and a bringer of hope and a macramé maker.

She was born in Hamburg in 1988, not alone but with her twin sister into a pastor's family. She grew up in Frankfurt, and after graduating from high school, she spent a year abroad in Buenos Aires and learned to appreciate the Argentinean way of life and faith. She experienced God's clear calling as a pastor during her time there. After her return from Buenos Aires, she began to study theology near Berlin and graduated with a Master's degree. She has loved Jesus for as long as she can remember. However, for her to serve Jesus full time, it took the clear intervention of God. She is thankful to have a God who sees more in her than her eyes let her see.

After living in many big cities, she and Daniel, her husband, felt the call nine years ago to move to the idyllic village of Schwabach, CGS, in northeastern Baden-Wuerttemberg.

There they worked at the Christian Church Center Schwabbach, which is part of the Muelheimer Verband denomination in Germany. They started their first job as a Pastor's couple at this center. She believes, "We are a church that is inspired and excited by God, and therefore we believe, inspire and excite as a church. We unite nations and generations and experience how God's Spirit gives us unity. As CGS, we are motivated by the fact that God wants our life to succeed and your life as well. We continually experience God's grace & generosity in our spiritual home and our private home." Svenja and Daniel are a family of five and have three children Philippa, Hiska & Timea. After taking care of her three kids, she loves to make macramé out of thick cotton threads when she can find the time.

In addition, Svenja's heart beats for social justice and especially for a much forgotten social marginalized group in our society. She was active for seven years at Hope e.V. Hope, standing up for the priceless dignity of all women. The outreach work took place in the red light milieu providing shelter and public relations. She is thankful the light of Jesus is not afraid of any darkness this world offers.

Matthias Brender + -

Matthias Brender was born in 1979 in Giengen an der Brenz. He studied media business administration, journalism, and PR. After completing studies in London at "The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity" with John Stott, he completed a master's degree via distance learning in Protestant theology at the Institute for Church Planting and World Mission.

Matthias Brender worked at Bibel TV from 2003 to 2010, founded in 2001. While there, he helped establish the fundraising and viewer services department and served as its director. He later left Bibel TV between 2009 and 2012 while working as a freelance filmmaker. Here he produced church encouragement films and various talk shows.

In 2012, Matthias Brender returned to Bibel TV as co-managing director, and in 2013 he took over as head of the interdenominational media missionary. Since then, Bibel TV has developed many new ways to reach people for Jesus and serve the Gospel as one of the widest-reaching missionary ministries.

Bibel TV invites people to faith and prayer in large, nationwide billboard campaigns. In times of lockdowns, Bibel TV's live prayer platform grew alongside other online services for the Kingdom of God, such as

In the joint mission, Matthias Brender particularly values political neutrality as well as a clear proclamation of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.


Dr. Yassir Eric
Head of Institution of the European Institute for Migration, Integration and Islamic Issues (EIMI)

Sylke Busenbender
CEO of Samaritan's Purse e.V. - Die barmherzigen Samariter

Dr. Frank Hinkelmann
President of the European Evangelical Alliance & Rector of the evangelical Martin Bucer Seminary

Artur Schröter
Head of strategic relations of Open Doors Deutschland e. V.

Rev. Viktor Hamm
Vice President Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher
General Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance

Bastian Decker
Germany Director Global Outreach Day

Dr. Reinhardt Schink
General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance Germany

Pastor Frank Uphoff
Vice-President of the Federation of Free Churches of Pentecostalism

Pastor Saeed Salimi
Pastor of the EFG Cologne-Holweide

David Kröker
Chairman Deutsche Evangelistenkonferenz

Alexander Steinbach
Managing Director and Head of Mission, To All Nations

Norman Rentrop

Pastor Richard Aidoo
New Life Church Düsseldorf

Pastor Jörg Ahlbrecht
Leader Program Willow Creek Germany 


Kris Madarász + -

Kris Madarász is a musician, songwriter and pastor at Frankfurt CityChurch, a young church in the heart of Frankfurt am Main. Apart from his church ministry, he teaches theological basics and practical help for church music ministry in seminars, concerts and workshops and writes German worship songs ("Ursprung und Ziel", "Groß ist deine Barmherzigkeit", "Jesus, Fels der Zeiten", "In Wein und Brot" and others). He lives in Frankfurt with his wife and two sons.


Sefora Nelson + -

Sefora Nelson, born in 1979, grew up in a musical influenced big Italian-German family. At the age of 19, Sefora moved to Chicago and later to France to study singing and and theology. This connection has become characteristic for her songs, in which she tells of her life with God. Her stage career started with winning the SPRING song contest in 2009.

This was followed by her first record deal with the green album WENN DER TAG KOMMT and WHEN THE DAY COMES. The next records were produced by Samuel Jersak and became bestsellers. MEHR ALS GENUG (the yellow album) in 2012, SPERO (the Italian purple album) in 2013 and GLÜCK (the orange album) in 2015. Especially through her hymn of hope "Lege deine Sorgen nieder", Sefora is also known beyond Germany. After a stage sabbatical year, her first book about Psalm 23 ("For you are with me") and the wood-colored album (NÄHER NOCH NÄHER), which both became bestsellers, appeared in 2017. This year she founded "SEFORA Benefiz", and since then, with the support of the public, she gives concerts for excluded groups in prison, hospice, women's shelter and clinics. With the desire for something new, the artist produced her blue album (DU BIST) herself in 2019. With themes such as loyalty, time, eternity she dedicates this work to her husband Keith Nelson. Every year she travels through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy and delights her audience at the piano with her songs, but also with her authentic, funny and profoundly spontaneous stories.


Veronika Lohmer + -

Powerful. Passionate. Authentic. 

Veronika Lohmer is a missionary in the House of Prayer (Gebetshaus) in Augsburg and is well known from the MEHR Conference and from numerous studio productions such as "The Blessing" or "We love your name" (Celebrate Jesus! 24) and many more. Her loving heart for God and her golden, expressive voice are significant. Her worship style is never concertant, but characterized by a togetherness and the so-called "flows", in which different worship songs interweave themselves in terms of content and music. Another trademark is the lingering in anointed moments through spontaneous choruses or prayer times.  Instead of frontal song-on-song worship, Veronika Lohmer loves to open up places of prayer in terms of content, which have time to develop and in which one can immerse oneself and "flow" naturally and informally in an attitude of worship to God. Veronika is married to Sebastian and together they have three sons. 


Summit is Free to All Approved Participants.


The conference will be held under the Covid-19 guidelines in effect at the time.